Can Hail Damage to a Roof be Repaired?

Yes! Depending on the extent of the damage, repairing a roof damaged by hail can be as simple as fixing a single shingle or as involved as replacing the whole roof. This vast difference in repair options is why we suggest everyone have their roof inspected by the professionals at ALC after a big hailstorm. Our experienced roofers can quickly determine the severity of the damage.

ALC roof inspections are free, giving you a no-cost solution if you think your roof has been damaged during a recent or past storm. If you’re unsure on whether you need a hail damage roof inspection, look for signs of damage like the ones noted above. If you are finding more than one instance of a dented gutter or damage to your siding, you should seriously consider a hail damage roof inspection. As we mentioned before, shingle damage can be severe or relatively mild. While it’s easy to tell when severe damage has occurred, it’s more important to understand the mild damage and decide what kind of hail damage roof repairs may be needed. To schedule your free roof inspection call 918.924.5334