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Are Roof Leaks Preventable?

Yes! Roof inspections. Something we don’t think about often enough until something bad happens. However, regular inspections of your roof should be added to the task list at least yearly to avoid and ensure your roof is prepared for whatever comes its way. Inspections are generally free of charge so no out of pocket expense for you the customer. After a severe storm it’s a great idea to give your local roofer a call. Your roof is something you don't think about often. Kind of out of site out of mind, however, it is a critical part of your dwelling that protects the wellbeing of your home. So be proactive! Call today to setup an appointment to have your roof inspected. 












Installation errors

in addition to hail and wind storms, poor workmanship and installation of your roof are some of the most common reasons your roof leaks. Areas around chimneys, skylights, pipe penetrations, and roof vents require special attention to detail, as they are the most common sources for water and snow to enter your home.

Improper or Deferred Maintenance

Many roof leaking problems start small. A leaking chimney or maybe a deteriorated pipe jack flashing. Left uncorrected, items like these will lead to roof leaks that get so bad, they cannot be easily repaired. When this happens, the whole roof must be replaced. The worst kind of roof leak is the one you don’t know about!



Depending on the extent of damage, repairing a roof damaged by hail can be as simple as replacing a few shingles or as involved as renewing the entire roof. This vast difference in repair options is why we suggest having your roof inspected after a big storm. Our experienced roofers can quickly determine the severity of damage if any.

ALC roof inspections are free, giving you a no-cost solution. If you’re unsure whether your roof needs to be inspected for  hail damage, look for  signs  of damage. If you are finding more than one instance of a dented gutter or damage to your siding, you should seriously consider a hail damage roof inspection. As mentioned before, hail damage can be severe or relatively mild. While it’s easy to tell when severe damage has occurred, it’s more important to understand the mild damage and decide what kind of hail damage roof repairs may be needed. To schedule your free roof inspection call 918.629.7451

It is important to note here that failing to have your roof inspected regularly can be very costly.
1. As mentioned above without
inspections you are clueless as to the
possible damage on your roof. 2. Your
insurance company verifies hail dates.
If hail damage occurs and your
insurance company is not notified
within a specific window of time your roof may not qualify for repair at the cost of your insurance carrier. This can be avoided by having your roof inspected regularly. 

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Important To Note

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