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How do you know if your roof or exterior has hail damage?


Severe roof damage, like shingles ripped off the roof or tree branches down, is obvious, but significant damage to shingles can be very difficult to detect with an untrained eye. Get a roof inspection from a trained professional to assess the hail damage on your roof or follow our helpful tips. 

The first place to look for damage caused by hail is your gutters. High-impact hail that causes roof damage will most likely dent your gutters and/or downspouts. This is the easiest place to see and evaluate when looking for signs of roof damage. If there are dents and dings on your gutters and downspouts, you’re likely to have problems on the roof.

Gutters will also fill up and clog due to granules that shingles can shed when hail hits them. Clogged and overflowing gutters indicate that hail may have damaged your roof.

The second place we suggest looking is your siding, and the third place is your deck. Both of these areas will experience damage from a bad hailstorm and are easy indicators for potential shingle damage. Any hail damage on siding or deck means you should get a roof inspection.


What does roof damage from hail look like?

If a storm brings hail that is over one inch in diameter, the hail damage to your roof will probably be obvious. When hail is combined with high wind speeds, roof damage can be even more severe. It’s likely that you will be able to see signs of damage such as cracked or broken windows, damaged siding or dented gutters. Smaller hail can cause unseen damage to your roof, so make sure you contact a storm damage repair team to inspect your roof after a hailstorm - no matter how small the hail.

While these are the common types of damage we see on asphalt shingles, hail can crack or even shatter harder materials like clay or concrete. This type of damage will be easy to see, but when you consider something like hail impact marks, you really start to see how a roofing expert can help spot small, important details.

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